tisdag 21 juni 2011

Happy Me!!

I told you a little while ago that I won a candy and that I missed it.I was  so sad about it.
BUT  a couple of days after that I did won again! Could not belive it and I was SO HAPPY for it.And this time I didn´t missed it.
Yesterday i resived the candy that I won and it was so many lovely things that I almost died! ;o)
This is what I won:
I won this beautiful candy from Ragnhild who has the blog " Hobby kroken min " so PLEASE make her a visit, she has a lovely blog and she is so talented and make all this beautiful stuff!
They also had been ill and since I had to wait a while on the candy she even send some extra stuff! Isn´t that cute of her! She really didn´t have to. This is the extra stuff:
I just want to say I big thank you to her and hope they are all well now!
Since I´m a single mom of to I don´t have that much money to buy scrapbooking stuff for so I was really really happy for the candy.Thanks again!! :o)
HUGS Malin

4 kommentarer:

Susy sa...

GRATTIS, vilka underbara saker!


Maia sa...

I also don't spend a lot of money for scrapbooking but it's always nice to make things from your heart!
You do that too!
Congratulations with your price enjoy it!!
Greatings Maia

Ragnhild sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Ragnhild sa...

Der har du fått blogg candyen ja! :)
Så bra at du ble fornøyd :)
Klem fra Ragnhild :)