måndag 25 juni 2012

A challenge......

Yesterday I was joining a challenge on FB, I´m in a FB group that is called "One night - One challenge ".
Anyone can start a challenge and set the rules for it and the only rule in the group is that you can never start a challenge at the same night as anyone else.
You can also choose what you want to join and so on, no need to join everything.
Really fun!

SO, last night I was joining the challenge , we should get inspired by another LO, and this is what I made:
I was actually using some stuff from STRÖMSTADS SCRAPBOOKING on this card so I will also have this as a Dt-card för her. ;o) She has a lot of nice stuff in her store!
She also have som SALE in the store right now!

Hope you liked the card!
Hugs Malin

torsdag 21 juni 2012

For the book....

Hello there!

I´m sorry but it´s to little time sometimes so I don´t always get the time to blog....
Today I will show you a bookmark I made for Kristinas Scrapbooking on sunday...
I know I´m a little late here but sometimes days have a little bit few hours....
I really enjoy making this cute bookmarks! Perfekt for my left over papers!
Hugs Malin

tisdag 19 juni 2012

A Happy Birthday card

Hello dear friends!
How are you all?
Do you have your summer holliday yet??
I´m verry verry tired I must say, 2½ weeks left before the summer holliday for me....
I almost can´t wait!

Next week me and a friend will travel to Göteborg and Liseberg with the kids, that will be fun! So next week I only work 3 nights since I took the 2 last nights off, feels really nice I must say!
I will try to visit Panduro to so I can buy some scrapbooking stuff...giggle....
Maby a present for the daughter also? She ( and I ) will soon celebrate birthdays here since she will turn 14 on July 4.... Think I have to start bakeing ( spells???? ) to.....

Well, today I will show you a little birthday card I made and I made this card with some left over papers from Maja Design but I think it turned out well!
The LOVELY stamp is from PYSSELDAGS.
Hope you liked it.
Hugs Malin

tisdag 12 juni 2012


Hello dear friends!
Today I blog for Pysseldags and I have made some bookmarks.
I really needed to use some of my left over papers and then this bookmarks is perfekt to do!
AND they are really funny to do to!!

On this ones I have used left over papers from Maja Design and I really enjoy making them so I will certainly make more of them! 

Hope you liked them!
Hugs Malin

söndag 10 juni 2012

A Happy Birthday card

Hello there!
Today I will show you a happy birthday card I made with some of the new Maja Design paper.I JUST LOVE Maja Designs paper!!!
This i s a card to a woman in Germany who turns 60 ( My mothers husbands brothers wife ;o) get it?!..giggle.......)
I made tha card mostly with material I got from Kristinas Scrapbooking.
I also used one of my favorite Magnolia stamps on this card...
I would also like to join
TOMIC - Anything goes this week and
Midweek Magnolias - who also have anything goes this week.

Hope you liked it!
Hugs Malin

onsdag 6 juni 2012

A student card

Hello dear friends!
Today I will show you a little student card I made.
Here in sweden it´s a lot of young people who takes student right now,
my kids go to school untill  Thursday June14, then after that IT`S SUMMERHOLLIDAY!
The material comes from Papperssvalan, and if you would like to se more inspiration, just get inte her blogg!
Hugs Malin

tisdag 5 juni 2012

Want to party!?

Hello dear Friends!

Today I will show you a little Invitation card to a Midsummer party I made.
The stamp is a text on a song we sing when we take a little snaps to the food at midsommer, so why not have the song on the card when you invite your friends to a midsummer party?!
I got the stamp from Pysseldags, on Pysseldags blog you can se a lot of inspiration with all different stamp she has in the store!
I think an invitation card should be simple and easy to do if you have many to make! ;o)
Hope you liked it.

Hugs Malin

måndag 4 juni 2012


Hello dear friends!
Yesterday I blogged at Kristinas but I just didn´t get the time to put it up at my blog to, but today I will. ( I have a sick son at home...)
I got a little frame to alter and this is what I came up with:
If you would like to read about what material I have been using you can find it at Kristinas scrapbooking blog and most of the material comes from the shop.
Hope you liked it!

Hugs Malin

fredag 1 juni 2012


Hello dear friends!
Today I notice that I have got over 100 followers on my blog!Actually I noticed it on my job tonight when I was working, that 2 more lovely people had chosen to follow me ( I work nights ).
I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who has chosen to follow me.I never asked anyone to follow me becaus I want that to be a free choice for everyone, not forced  by candys and so on, no only just because you want to and I hope it is because you like what I do.
I think I will have to celebrat this, so keep your eyes open , I will soon have a nice blog candy for you!

THANKS to all of you!
Big Hugs Malin

I´m also so happy today becaus my computor is normal again and I can COMMENT  again in all your blogs! ( some things did not work after the formation so in some blogs I haven´t been able to leave comment, but today everything just worked again. Guess if I was surprised!!Do the happy dance! :).. )