tisdag 19 juni 2012

A Happy Birthday card

Hello dear friends!
How are you all?
Do you have your summer holliday yet??
I´m verry verry tired I must say, 2½ weeks left before the summer holliday for me....
I almost can´t wait!

Next week me and a friend will travel to Göteborg and Liseberg with the kids, that will be fun! So next week I only work 3 nights since I took the 2 last nights off, feels really nice I must say!
I will try to visit Panduro to so I can buy some scrapbooking stuff...giggle....
Maby a present for the daughter also? She ( and I ) will soon celebrate birthdays here since she will turn 14 on July 4.... Think I have to start bakeing ( spells???? ) to.....

Well, today I will show you a little birthday card I made and I made this card with some left over papers from Maja Design but I think it turned out well!
The LOVELY stamp is from PYSSELDAGS.
Hope you liked it.
Hugs Malin

3 kommentarer:

linda sa...

supersnyggt, vad perfekt du fått till det med färgerna! Kram linda

Zora sa...

Ett härligt och rent kort med pappersspill, Gillar mycket!

Elisabet sa...

Vilket helt fantastiskt vackert kort!!!