fredag 30 december 2011

The End

Hello dear stampers!

So it´s the ending of 2011....
Wow , a year goes by so fast!
Many of you list your own top 10 for the year AND this year I actually made so much scrapbooking that I can have a top 10 list to. ;o)

So, this is my top 10 for the year 2011:
I think this is the 10 I like the most of what I have been doing this year....

I would like to wish you all

Hugs Malin

onsdag 28 december 2011

A basket

Hello there!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas AND that you will get a Happy New Year!

I´m of work for a couple of days and this last days I will just take it easy and do stuff that I like.
So yesterday I made this cute little basket.
I just think it´s gorgeous! I´m mostly a cardmaker but this basket was really fun to make so I will make more of them I´m sure!

I made this little basket as a gift for New year, I think it´s a perfect little gift to the host!

I found the tutorial for the box att Lena Katrines place so please make her a visit!
All the material I have used you can read about at Kristinas blogg most of the stuff is from her store and I made a bloggpost there to!

I´m also joining WOC this week.

Hugs Malin

tisdag 27 december 2011

Match box

I remembered that I didn´t show you the match box I made so here it is....

I gave this match box to my mom at christmas together with some candles.
We celebrated christmas at her place.

Hugs Malin

söndag 18 december 2011

Merry Christmas card

Hello there!
I made another christmas card and I have been working this card for Kristinas scrapbooking.
Please make her a visit and look what all the Dt has made in Kristinas scrapbooking blogg.
This is what I made today:
Kristinas has a lot of gorgeous scrapbooking material for you AND she also always has a REA category all year around!
I´m joined  Kort o Manias utfordring.
Anonyme scrappare
Hugs Malin

onsdag 14 december 2011

Merry Christmas card

Hello there!
Today I will show you a christmas card I made today.
It`s with the cute Tilda of course. ;o)
Only a few days left for christmas now and I feel a little bit stressed out here.I took friday of this week so that I can be at home and get everything ready.I don´t want to run around the house the day before christmas!
Of course I would be happy if you would like to visit Kristinas scrapbooking blog where I have done a blogpost with this card.
Hope you have a cosy evening!

Hugs Malin

söndag 11 december 2011


Hello dear stampers!
Today I have been working for Kristinas Scrapbooking again and this is a little sneakpeek for you! ;)
I finally think I have got the inspiration back , I hope so anyway!
Please make Kristinas scrapbooking blogg a visit to look what I made this time!
If you would like, please make a comment and you have the chance to winn a price. Everyone who makes a comment has a chance to win in the comment competition that she has every advent untill christmas. You have one chance left to win, the 4th advent!

I hope you will like it!
Hugs Malin

onsdag 7 december 2011

My christmas wish list....

...or how do you say it in english??
Well. I made one Lo´with all of our wish list for santa. ;o)
The red papper I have been laminate and put on to the dear santa paper, that means that we easy can change our wish list from year to year since we just put on the paper with som glue dots or something that is easy to take away!
You can also do this  Lo wish list for your birthdays and so on it doesn´t need to be with a christmas theme!
 Maby I will do one for birthdays to! ;o)

Hugs Malin