onsdag 16 maj 2018

A late eastercard...

Yes this is very late but I just haven´t had the time to update my blog so now I will show you some old cards and so on that I made lately.
And I hope you wil like it even if easter has passed by....giggle
 I have been using a stamp from Vilda stamps on this card, it´s so cute.

I also made a you tube video when I made it, hope you will enjoy it.

Have a good day!
Hugs Malin

lördag 3 mars 2018

Easter candy

Hi there!
Today I have made a little easter treat box for you.
I bought some copic pens and they came in this boxes and instead of throwing it away as I use to do I thouht, why not make a little easter treat box of it?? Fill it up with candy and then give it away to some happy kid.

I also have a little you tube movie for you in my process for his box.

See you next time! <3
Hugs Malin

fredag 23 februari 2018


Hi there my crafty friends!
Today I have an announsment for you, you may have seen this on FB but for you who has not.... I have become a Dt member for Vilda stamps this year and I´m så happy about it.
TODAY i do my verry first blogpost for Vilda stamps and I hope that you will like the easter card that I have made. I think the easterstamps from Vilda stamp is so cute!
And it isn´t very long to easter! ;)

If you would like to se my process you can look at my toutube video below.

Have a nice day!
Hugs Malin

måndag 8 januari 2018

Small cards.

Hello there!!
I hope that christmas and new year was fun, relaxing, happy and crazy!! ;)
We have had ALL of that..giggle... But most of all I like the time when we can just relax and do what we like. Sleep long and be in cozy clothes all day.

SO, I want to cick off this 2018 by showig you some cards I made during the holiday. I cleaned upp my craftroom, bought my self a scan n cut mashine AND I have told my self while cleaning that i HAVE to use up more of my left overs!!
So today I will show you 2 small cards, 10x10cm, made with left over papers that  have in my stash!
RELLY fun to make thieese and I have more to show you later on.

This is leftovers from Maja Design papers and the textstamps are my own. It´s also a magnolia boy and a critter fron Satured Canary. So cute!
I hope you will like them.

Have a nice week!
Hugs Malin

torsdag 28 december 2017

A male birthday card.

Hi there!
Just a few days left on 2017 and I would like to wish you a good 2018!
Today I have made a male birthday card so this is, I guess, the last one for this year in this blog.
I have started to practise on my copic pens on this one, I know it doesen´t look the best in coloring BUT I will use it anyway and keep on practising on my copics! Fun fun fun!
Just have to buy some more copic pens. ;)
So this is the card, I have been using Maja designs paper.

Copicbloggen has a challange that I´m joining this month with
my card, the challange is "Bingobricka".

Hair: E51-53-55-57
Skin: E000-00-11-53
T-shirt: Y15-35-38
Pants: B91-93-95-97
Shoes and belt: E49-57-77
Shadow: C-3
As you can se I don´t have the best colorkombinations but I just had to work with the pens that I had so there are som huge gap between the numbers sometime. ;)

 Text stamps from Malins stämplar.
Enjoy and see you next year!!
Hugs Malin

lördag 23 december 2017

Merry Christmas!

Maby this is the last post for this year, I don´t know yet but anyway, I would like to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
So this is a little christmas card with a stamp and die from Gummiapan, I really like them both! The card base is made with a tag die from crealies and I just LOVE how it turned out!!
( Will be more picture on the inside later on! )
In sweden santa is comming tomorrow on the 24th of december. Guess I have to go to sleep now and be very nice so I will get some christmas present tomorrow. ;)
Enjoy! <3
Chirtsmas hugs from sweden! <3

fredag 1 december 2017

Happy December!

WOW it is already DECEMBER!!
Only 24 days untill christmas eve here in Sweden.
Today my partner is on a "Julbord"  ( chirstmas table with our work sort of speaking ) with our work. I didn´t wanted to go because 1. I don´t think they  have good food ( I don´t eat a lot of christmas food really ;) ) and 2. it has been SO boring the last couple of years so I really don´t feel like going. My partner works on another shift than I do, I work nights and my hubby works days. ;)

BUT instead I thought I should show you another christmas card I made. SO mutch more fun! ;)
I have been using an old Hänglar and stänglar stamp on this one and my own christmas stamps that I made. And of course Maja Designs paper.
Hope you will like it.

See you soon again I hope.
Hugs Malin

onsdag 22 november 2017

Always on my mind...

Hello scrappy friends!
So I made a simple card vith Gummiapans paper and stamps. I really love this feather and this one you can buy i 3 sizes. So This time I made a sympathy card with it , maby to someone that lost a loved one...


måndag 20 november 2017

Simple christmas card.

Hello there!
It has been CRAZY here lately but finaly I´m able to show you a card I made this weekend when I was at a scrapbook meeting in Grästorp.
On this card I have been using one of Magnolias ols snowmen stamps, it´s one of my favorite I must say and I use it quite often. ;)
I also finally bought Gummiapans god jul and christmas tree die. I really really like it! Well I love many of there stamps and dies...giggle as I´m addicted to it!! ;)...giggle...
Well it is a pretty simple card I have made, most time i alsi dekorate the inside of my card but not on this one. I just think it is good as is.

I have also made my self a personal stamp, and I really really like it, it was perfect on this card.
Hope yoy enjoed it.

Hugs Malin

tisdag 3 oktober 2017

A male birthday card.

Sooo...you who now me now that I love Maja design. ;)
I was at a scrapbook meeting this weekend, unfortunatelly I had to go home earliy beacuse of a tooth that hurts and headake....not nice.
But in the time I was there I made a card with maja designs new collection Denim and friends and when I got home I saw that this was the moadboard for this month! Nice! If you go to Maja Designs blog you can find it all there about the moadboard!
So today I will show you a card that is maskuline but also femenin with the flowers. I hope you will like it!

It`s really fun trying to make a male card for once and I LOVE the colors in this collection also!
Hugs Malin

söndag 27 augusti 2017

Layout on my brothers son.

Hi there!
A little while ago I made a layout on my brothers son.
They took so sweet photos of him at a photostudio called StudioThoren and I just had to make something with it. And you, who follow me, now that LO isn´t really something I´m that good at BUT as I have said before I just have to practice and practice. And I actually really liked this one I made and I hope you will like it to.It´s pretty simple but I think that is ok. I actually used left over papers from Maja Design on this one!

 I really likes to do this "flat" lo´s so that I can have them in my albums without them taking to much space as it would if it had a lot of flowers and so on on it. So I think that this is the lo´s I will make from now on so that I can put them in my project life albums to!
Hugs MAlin

torsdag 17 augusti 2017

Hi there!!

Soo... I took some time off from scrapbooking this summer to think about what I really wanted with my scrapbooking and so on.
I have felt the past....6 monh,  at least , that it wasn´t that fun anymore and I had to figure out why since I do LOVE to scrapbook. I love my scraproom and all the fun stuff in it but still I didn´t felt like I wanted to really do something. It was sad....

So I took some time of this year from my dt comitment over the summer, and in the summer I almost didn´t do anything in my scraproom. We went out with our caravan and in the caravan I had put some coloring stuff with me, just in case. ;)

I didn´t toutch it much on our first trip more then with my brothers daughter who I tought how to diecut and also stamped a little bit with the stamps I bought just for her earlier. But that was about it, didn´t still felt like I really  wanted to DO something.
Back home I didn´t do anything more than just look at it.

Then we went on our second trip with the caravan, just me and my hubby and in the evenings I started a little bit to color some stamps, diecut some small things with my left over papers and so on and felt, it IS fun and I want to do this! It was fun when I knew I could do just about what I wanted in that moment, when I could use what ever stuff  I wanted on my project without any rules and didn´t have to think about what I was alowed to use or not.

When you are no longer inspired or have fun as a DT, you really should quit, and so I did. I have been there for 4 years and I have had A LOT of fun and I see my dt "moms" as really good friends of mine! And I hope that we still will be friends for a long time and I hope that their buisiness will continue to grow!

I have 3 weeks left on my comitment at Idas Magasin and I hope that you will follow me my last three weeks there and I hope that you all will continu to visit Idas Magasins blog and store because they are really nice and cute people. :) <3 And I hope that this will explain to all of you who have asked me why I quit.
I really hope to maby have another dt mission in the future if someone will have me but time will tell. Right now I´m just happy as it is. <3

SO, now for some funnier stuff. I have a bunch of stuff that I haven´t have time to show you on my blog so maby I will update a little bit more. Who knows? ;)

I would like to show you today a weddingcard I made some time ago but I haven´t have time to show you and I hope you will like it. Weddingcards are really nice to do I think.
More love for the people! <3 <3 <3

Se you soon.
Hugs Malin

måndag 26 juni 2017

Maja Design Happy birthday card

Hi there!
So finally I have made some cards and as you know I just LOVE Maja designs paper so for this post I will show you a birthday card I made with the summertime collection. I just LOVE tha papers and the colours in it!! Really I wouldn´t need any other paper in my stash...giggle....
So this is the birthday card then...

I hope you will like it!
Also look at the new collection that is relesed today!!

Hugs Malin