onsdag 9 januari 2019

My first blogpost for BoBunny!!

Hi everyone!!
So I have become one of the design team members for BoBunny 2019!!
I´m so so happy for it!
Så today I would like to show you my first projct for BoBunny. I made an calendar, but more like a memory keeping calendar. I made pocket for each month where you can save stuff you just want to save for memories and also some small cards to put on photos and stuff from the month. I hope you will like it!!

I will ALSO give away this calendar to some lucky winner. How to win this one you can se on my instagram : HjoMalin.

I really hope you will like it!!

More photos of the album at BoBunnys blog if you would like to se every page in it!!
Have a nice day!!

onsdag 26 december 2018

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

So..I´m a little bit behind with my own blog at the moment as you can se but I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!
Thanks to each one of you who follows my blog, youtube chanel and instagram, it really means A LOT to me!!
I think I have a few christmas cards that I haven´t got the time to show here yet but maby I will put them up for you in january so that you can se them and maby get some inspiration for next years cards. ;)

BUT today I would like to show you a birthday card I made, it´s for a man who turnes 60, works as a teatcher and love to travels. I wanted the card to be both simple and elegant at the same time. Maby not this really really masculine but still I think this suits for a man. They love flowers to right? ;) Well mine does anyway so I like it. It doesn´t always have to be this big big masculine cards with cars, motorcycles and tools on, right? ;) I like this, looks elegant I think.... and that is what I wanted.
So I hope you will like it to!

I have been using papers from Laserowe Love that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!! The quality is super and I love the color and pattern on this papers that I have been using. The collection is vintage gentleman. Also been using my own stamps from Malins stämplar and the boy is from Magnolia.

I also have a youtube video for the process when I made it if you would like to see how i created it. It´s in the end og this post!

The process video:

Hugs Malin

torsdag 15 november 2018


Hi there!
Today I have a weddingcard for you.
I really enjoyed doing this one since it was a long time since I made a weddingcard. Think this one turned out really good and I love the papers and colors that  I have been using.

For this card there is a video:

And here are som pictures of it:

Have a nice day!

tisdag 30 oktober 2018

Birthday card.

Hi there!
Today I have made a birthday card with the cute collection of arctic sweeties from Laserowe Love.
If your birthday are at wintertime why not have a winter theme on the card? SO cute for the kids I think.
Also with all the decorations on it there are a lot for the kids to look at and find on the card.
I hope you will like it.

Have a nice day and see you soon!

fredag 26 oktober 2018

It´s all about christmas...

Hi there!
Today I would like to show you a christmas card with some cute snowmen. I made the card in pink and brown, maby not the most common color when it comes to christmas cards. But it´s fun as a change I think!
I hope you will like it!

Hope tp see you soon!
Hugs MAlin

tisdag 16 oktober 2018

Happy birthday cards.

Hi there!
Så today I have two happy birthday cards for you with the cute new boy stamps from Vilda stamps. They are SO cute this little boys and I hope that you will like the cards!.
Twi cas cards but as I have sad before, I really really like this cas cards 15x10 cm nowdays!
Hope you like them!

Have a nice day and see you soon!
Hugs Malin

måndag 15 oktober 2018

Christmas exploding box.

Hi there!
Today I have a christmas explodingbox video for you.
You have the video in the end of this blogpost and I hope you will enjoy looking att this process video for it.
I have been using products from Laserowe love collections and I really really like the quality of theese products! If you now Maja Design. this is the same quality on the paper and I love it!
Some pictures of the box comes here:

And the movie is here:

You can fins the Laserowe love shop HERE.
Swedish shop HERE.

Have a nice day!

torsdag 11 oktober 2018

Christmas card.

Hi everyone!
So for you who doesn´t know I have become a dt member of Laserowe Love. They have gorgeus products and mostly paper and chipboards. I have a link on my sidebar if you would like to check them out!

SO this is my first post as a Dt for Laserowe Love and I hope that I will be able to inspire you all with all the gorgeous products that Laserowe Lowe have for you.
I just love them!

For my first post  I wanted to show you a card I made with the new collection "Arctic sweeties", such a cute collection I think.
I made a little christmascard because christmascards does not always have to be red and green, right?
I really like this picture that I have used, remember me from my childhoud when you, the night before christmas, couldn´t sleep and just waited for santa to come. This is the feeling I got when I saw this little one and thats why I wanted to do a little christmas card with it.
I hope that you will like it to.

Have a nice day!