torsdag 20 oktober 2022

Happy Halloween

 Hello hello!!
Så I´m back with a halloween card for you today.
I love halloween even doh we don´t celebrate it here in Sweden, but I just love it.
Use this cute stamp from Magnolia and some pumpkins I had from another stampset that I colored and used together. I just used what I had in my craftroom as it comes to deis and stamp and so on and this is the end result.
If you would like to se the process when I made it I have a YT video for that:

I hope you like it, I love it. ;)

Have a nice day and see you soon!

fredag 22 april 2022

Birthday card for a cat lover!

 Hello hello!!

One of the last cards I made for Vilda stamps as a Dt member. I made this card out of paperscraps and I think it turned out really nice! I like the purple color and the stamp that i colored with copics.
I hope you will enjoy it  and also try to use up your paperscraps! Papers are expensive and you can get so beautiful cards using scraps.
The girl stamp are from Vilda stamps.
Textstamp from Malins stämplar.
Have a nice day!

onsdag 5 januari 2022

Happy New Year!

 Hello everyone and a happy New Year to all of you!
I hope ypu all had a wounderful christmas and a nice celebration on new year!
I hope that 2022 will be a better year than 2021 and that all of this with covid can be better! I think we all longing for the ordinary again.

Here it has just been easy going and I actually took 3 week of from work. I just felt that I needed to have some time of and charge my batteries again. Rest, reading books, prepare for christmas and just enjoy some free time. And it has realy done me good.

So I thought that my first blogpost for this year will be the nametags I had for christmas. First I had decided not to do any but in the last minute, the night befor christmas I change my mind and did some fast and easy ones to decorate with.
I used an old little snowman from Magnolia since it wasn´t to much to color on this one. I hope you will like it.

At the moment we have actually starting to renovate my scraproom and if you would like to follow that process I will document it on my YouTube chanel for you ( and for me ) to look at. I guess it will take some time since we will do the intire room , change ceiling and so on,  but you can se the first video on the chanel, Malin Ellegaard on YT.

I hope to see you soon.

lördag 9 oktober 2021

Long time no see!

Long time no see!!!
I´m back...giggle....
It was a really long time since I updated my own blog and from now on I will try to change that.

So what has happened since last time??
Well, both of my design Team membership that I had abroad was ended because of covid 19. Sad of course but I do understand the companys with all that was happening so they just had dt members from theis own countrys at the time.

In June I ended my Dt membership for Vilda stamps because it was not motivating for me anymore. I had all the stamps that I did like and since there was not any new ones in progress at the time I just felt that I would no longer do it justice. But I did love to work for Vilda stamps ,and all the companies I have been with in the last couple of years , it has been wounderful. I hope you will see new dt´s at vildas and get new inspiration from them!
And who knows, maby I will find a new dt call to apply to in the future! It would be fun ofcourse!
But it has also been a good time for me taking some time of, like a vacation that I haven´t had in many years...giggle....

So now I acctually thougt I should put up some of the works I have been doing for them in my blog also and I hope you will enjoy it and find some inspiration from them.
Hopefully you will also get to see new work from me here, it will be fun to have some time working with all my stuff I bought in the past years...giggle...

So let´s start with the fist card.
A little horse card with happy birtday hugs.
The stamp is from Vilda stamp and I really like it.
Text is my own from Malins Stämplar.

See you next time!
Hugs Malin

söndag 15 november 2020

Christmas cards

Hello hello to everyone that is still here. I don´t know if I´m just writing for my self or if I have any visitors that still visit blogs since my counter will not really work.
But today I would like to show two small christmas cards I recently made, I love this cute stamps from Vilda stamps and they were so fun to color. I have been using copics. I hope you will like this simple cards.

Have a nice day and see you soon!

tisdag 10 november 2020

 Hello hello!
It really have been a while since I put up something on my own blog. Mostly I blog on the companys I work for but I will really try to get better to blog on my own to!! I miss it.
I told my self that I this year would be better on both blogging and on my youtube chanel, and I guess I got some things up on my you tube chanel but I hope to be even better at it! I love watching you tube chanels my self!

So for today I would like to show you a paperbag I altered a while ago but I really love it and I hope you will do to. I have been usiong papers from Laserowe love on this one.

Have a nice day!

onsdag 3 juni 2020

Baby card

Hello hello.
Today I have a little baby card for you.
I used the collection Vintage baby from Laserowe love and I just LOVE this collection. Never get tired of it..giggle... I love this vintage lock and the soft colors!

Have a nice day!

onsdag 15 april 2020

A new card

Hello my dear friends!
Sorry for not posting as much as I want on this blog but I will try try try to be better at it!

Today I want to show you a card I made with this cute little hängla girl from hänglar&wings.
I hope you will like it. They had a cybercrop on facebook and of course I wanted to join. Didn´t win anything but at leas I got some cards and etc done. Will show you more in my next post.

Hugs Malin

fredag 28 februari 2020

I love you

Hello hello.
Today I want to show you a layout I made for valentines this year. It´s one of my favorite photo from the begining when we just moved in together.
I love this romatic papers from BoBunny and I hope you will enjoy the layout.

Have a nice day!

torsdag 23 januari 2020


Hello hello!
I made a little notebook with the cutest tilda stamp with a fox. It´s just so adorable!
If you want to know how I made the notebook holder you can find a tutorial on my youtube channel: The scrappy Swede.
Tilda is colored with copics and I love working with this pens.
I hope you will like it.

Have a nice weekend!

lördag 11 januari 2020

You make my heart sing.

Hello hello and welcome back after christmas and new year!
I hope you all had a wounderful time!

So I´m back with my first card for you in 2020 and I colored a little bee blowing hearts from vilda stamps. I really like this little cutie! At the moment I´m hooked on doing 10x15 cm cards and I hope you will like it.

Have a nice weekend you all!

fredag 22 november 2019

Copic markers

Did some coloring a few days ago, really have to practise more and wish I had a lot more time for this!
Used copic sketch markers.

Have a nice day!

lördag 16 november 2019

Another card...

Hi there!
So i have another card for you, also done 10x20 cm.
I´m hooked on theese ones right now but I hope you will like them to...giggle....
This one is made in green and purple and I really liked the papers that I did use from Laserowe loves Lavender date collection.

Have a nice day!

söndag 3 november 2019

Good to have - card

It´s time fot another little birtday card from me again. I have been using the color lilac this time, a color I usually don´t use that much but I think it actually turned out really good!
I actually don´t se this color very much in scrapbookingpaper more that for example at halloween? Or maby I just don´t see it because I don´t use it very often my self, I don´t know. But I really liked it and I hope you will do to.

Have a nice day!
Hugs MAlin