måndag 23 januari 2017

A birthday gift.

Hi there!
Today I will show you a little birthday gift I made. I have been using Maja Design papers and my own stamps on this one. I really really like it.
A perfect gift for someone who loves chocolate and vine. ;)

Hope you like it to.
HERE you can find Malins stämplar ( stamps ) and HERE is Maja Designs page.
Hugs MAlin

onsdag 18 januari 2017

We extand the family.

I made a card with a beautiful diggistamp from Noxine stamps. I really really like it!
So if you want to tell your friends and family that you will have a new little one into the family, this is one way to do it. This card I think could be made for grandparents for example. A nice way to tell them that they will have grandchildren. ;)
And NO , I will not have any babies, this is just a little dt card made for the company Noxine stampt. But... if I had been younger you never would have known.... ;)
Now I have to wait for MY grandkids. ;)
Hope you like it!

You can buy the diggistamps HERE.
Hugs Malin

tisdag 10 januari 2017

Valentines day.

It is really not far away you now!
SO I made this heart shaped card witch I realy like, they are so fun to make.And I love working with black, white and red colours to! ;) Oh my there is a lot that I love I guess...giggle...
I hope you will like it.

See you soon!
Hugs Malin

tisdag 3 januari 2017

I made a pennant...

Hi there!
First of all I want to wish you a Happy New Year!
I hope your start of the new year is great!
I ended 2016 with being sick for a couple of weeks and I´m still not ok BUT it gets better and better which is good.
I started my new year with clear up my craft room and doing some organizing so that it will be easier to find stuff, same stuff at the same place and so on, It will take a while but I think it will be really good in the end and then we will paint and doing a makeover of the room to! Looking forward to that!

Well first up I want to show you the pennant I made this week, I got this beautiful paper from Prima in my dt packet from Idas Magasin so here it is, hope you will enjoy it even if it´s very hard to photograph when there is som copper in the paper. Looks orange but it´s not it´s copper. ;)

Hugs Malin