onsdag 29 februari 2012

Intercalary day

Hello there!
Today is the day for the woman to propose!
I don´t have anyone to propose to BUT instead I made a love card. ;o)
I got the material from Papperssvalan, so please check her shop out for all the scrapbookingstuff you need for this card.
Someday I hope I have someone to love to! ;o)
Have a nice day!
Hugs Malin

fredag 24 februari 2012

Side step card

Hello there!
A couple of days ago I made this side step card when I was working for Pysseldags.
It was a really funy card to make I must say and I actually like it a lot!
My thought is also that in the middle row I will put the name on the birthday girl and on the row back I will put the number of birth. But since I din´t know who will get it yet this 2 rows are empy.
I did fint the tutorial for the card HERE!
I just LOVE this PION DESIGN papers!!

I´m joining this challanges with this card:
Scrappekammeret - baby
Vintage utfodring  - 3D
Papiravisen - Punchar

Hugs Malin

söndag 19 februari 2012

Happy birthday!

Hello there!
Today I will show you a little happy birthday card.
In pink..I love pink...giggle....
I made a blogpost at Kristinas scrapbooking with this card and if you would like to know what I have been using får the card then just pop over to her and read about it!
I love this little cute Magnolia girl, she is adorable!
Yesterday I had a "paintingclass", don´t know howe you say it??, but one of the ladys that was here actually bought the card and another pink card I had made so thats nice.She likes pink to...giggle..

Having the "paintingclass" was really fun and I teach them to color with distress inc.
It was really fun and 4 hours just past like nothing!

Not an easy thing if you never ever done it before.
Really nice ladies!
HUgs MAlin

fredag 17 februari 2012


Hello there!
Today I will give you a little sneakpeek on this GOREGOUS stamps that Ciza on PYSSELDAGS made!
I can´t wait to get my hands on theese ones!!
Just pop over to PYSSELDAGS and look at all the gorgeus stamps she offer, and in just a little while you can find this cuties in the store to!
Hugs Malin

tisdag 14 februari 2012


Hello there!
Today I show a card at PYSSELDAGS that I made.
ALL the textstamps are coming from her store!
It´s a " welcome to our wedding" card.
And thats also the text on the outside of the card.
Inside it is a little bit emty but as I thought you can write the name of the couple who should get married and on the doors you can write when, were and so on to the person that you invite to the wedding.And since I should not get married ( well if I don´t merry my self then...giggle...) my card is a little bit emty insida at this time, but this is to show you what you CAN do.
Inside I colour a picture of a magnolia weddingcouple BUT here you can put a picture of the two people that will get married.
On the backside of the card it is a recipe for LOVE of course!
Hope you liked it!
Hugs Malin

söndag 12 februari 2012

A summer card

Hello there!
Today we have a BIG sun here today, it´s lovely!
I really really  longing for the spring now, to get it a little bit warmer outside! This is to cold for me...giggle...
This sunday I have made i summercard to show at Kristinas scrapbooking.
I´s a card you can give to your teatcher when you go on your summer holliday, the text say" Have a nice summer! "
It´s a little hÄnglar stamp this time on the card and strawberry papper.
Hugs Malin

fredag 10 februari 2012


This is in swedish..

Jag har problem med att lämna kommentarer i bloggar.
Jag har märkt nu att det är i bloggar där jag måste välja profil, account som jag inte kan kommentera i och jag har ingen som helst aning om varför!?
Bloggar där jag inte behöver välja sådant går det tydligen alldeles utmärkt i...
Väntar på att min bror ska komma och kika på mina problem men jag vet inte riktigt när det blir, MYCKET irriterande är det i alla fall!
Så ni som har där man måste välja, jag lovar att jag inte bara struntat i er det går helt enkelt inte att skriva i där för mig just nu mina kommentarer bara försvinner. Jätte trist...
Kram Malin

tisdag 7 februari 2012


This post will be in Swedish.
NU är vinnaren dragen av vår lilla tävling i blogpartyt som var på Allt Om Scrap.
Det var bara 5 st som var med i vår tävling och nu har barnen valt vilken som ska vinna.
Oj oj vad jag har fått visa bilderna fram och tillbaka innan de kunde bestämma sig och vara överens om en!
MEN vinnaren är......

Amandas motivering var att det var så många fina blommor på och sonens att det var rosa i för det gillar han! ( mammas pojk  ;o) ! )
Maila mig på malin.ellegard@telia.com och lämna din adress så jag kan skicka vinsten till dig!
Kram Malin och barnen

Gett Well Tea Card

Hello there!
Today I will show you a card I made for PYSSELDAGS and I have used her lovely stamp "You will always be my best friend, you know to much!"
I love it...giggle....
I made the card from my gett well tea card tutorial wich you can find  HERE!
And this is my card:
A perfect card to send to a friend who is a llittle bit ill or have a birthday or so.You don´t need to have tebags in it you can put money or cards or anything else. Inside I will write when I know who will get it.

I´m joining Anonyma scrappare

I just want to tell you that I have trouble with leaving comments on your blogs.There is something wrong with my computer after I formatting the computer!! Don´t know why but I just want to say that I´m thankful for all of your comments and I will comment as soon as my brother can help me fix this problem! It´s verry irretating not to be able to leave comments on the blogs i visit.It doesn´t work anywhere...grrrrrrrr....

Hugs Malin

söndag 5 februari 2012

Now it´s christmas again!

..giggle...well, we finally got some snow here, can´t say  I like it but theres nothing to do about it...giggle. Felt like it was christmas again really, we didn´t have any snow at christmas.
Well..I did a christmas card this week when I was working for Kristinas scrapbooking.
I really really like the Magnolia stamp on this card.
Well I have to save the card for next christmas market I guess. ;o)
Hugs Malin

fredag 3 februari 2012

A gift from the heart...

Hello there!
Today I will show you a card that I also made earlier this week but couln´t post because of my computer.
It´s a valentine card I made for Kristinas scrapbooking and if you would like to see what I used for the card, please make her blog a visit.
For this card I have used an old hÄnglar stamp.I painted her a long time ago but I i thought she was perfect for this card.
Hugs MAlin

torsdag 2 februari 2012


Hi there!
I haven´t got my computer for a couple of days so I haven´t been able to blog my cards!
But yesterday I got it back, I can´t live with out my computer!!...giggle... ;o)
GOOD for me that I did my blogposts for Pysseldags a lot earlier!

Well,at tuesday I was blogging for PYSSELDAGS with this little card:
I love the stamp " DREAM, then make it happen" that I have been using från Pysseldags.
Please make a visit to PYSSELDAGS shop and blog!
Hugs Malin