måndag 16 september 2013


Yes! Today I have a spooky candy bag for you! ;)
It was SO fun to make!The material is from Idag Magasin. I think I soon will have to force my teenagers to dress up and knock on the door just to get them this fun candy bags...giggle... ;)
My daughter was a witch in school for the classfoto they make in 9th grade ( or how you say it...giggle... ) When they go their last class in upper level lower secondary school, they all dress up for the class foto. ;-)
Hugs Malin

söndag 15 september 2013

I don´t want to let go of the summer!!!!

So, I try to hold on for just a little more time....
Today I have a card for you, that is like summer.....I don´t know how to say it in english...giggle....
But you have the summer felling when you look at it, at least I have. ;)
I made it with stuff from Kristinas Scrapbooking.
I have a few more cards to show you I hope I will have time to put them on the blogg this week.
I´m selling my house and there is a house viewing this week, it´s a lot to do I must say so we have our hands full to get the house ready!
I hope I will get it sold so we can move all my stuff to my boyfriends house as soon as possible. Cross your fingers for us!
Hugs Malin