torsdag 28 december 2017

A male birthday card.

Hi there!
Just a few days left on 2017 and I would like to wish you a good 2018!
Today I have made a male birthday card so this is, I guess, the last one for this year in this blog.
I have started to practise on my copic pens on this one, I know it doesen´t look the best in coloring BUT I will use it anyway and keep on practising on my copics! Fun fun fun!
Just have to buy some more copic pens. ;)
So this is the card, I have been using Maja designs paper.

Copicbloggen has a challange that I´m joining this month with
my card, the challange is "Bingobricka".

Hair: E51-53-55-57
Skin: E000-00-11-53
T-shirt: Y15-35-38
Pants: B91-93-95-97
Shoes and belt: E49-57-77
Shadow: C-3
As you can se I don´t have the best colorkombinations but I just had to work with the pens that I had so there are som huge gap between the numbers sometime. ;)

 Text stamps from Malins stämplar.
Enjoy and see you next year!!
Hugs Malin

lördag 23 december 2017

Merry Christmas!

Maby this is the last post for this year, I don´t know yet but anyway, I would like to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
So this is a little christmas card with a stamp and die from Gummiapan, I really like them both! The card base is made with a tag die from crealies and I just LOVE how it turned out!!
( Will be more picture on the inside later on! )
In sweden santa is comming tomorrow on the 24th of december. Guess I have to go to sleep now and be very nice so I will get some christmas present tomorrow. ;)
Enjoy! <3
Chirtsmas hugs from sweden! <3

fredag 1 december 2017

Happy December!

WOW it is already DECEMBER!!
Only 24 days untill christmas eve here in Sweden.
Today my partner is on a "Julbord"  ( chirstmas table with our work sort of speaking ) with our work. I didn´t wanted to go because 1. I don´t think they  have good food ( I don´t eat a lot of christmas food really ;) ) and 2. it has been SO boring the last couple of years so I really don´t feel like going. My partner works on another shift than I do, I work nights and my hubby works days. ;)

BUT instead I thought I should show you another christmas card I made. SO mutch more fun! ;)
I have been using an old Hänglar and stänglar stamp on this one and my own christmas stamps that I made. And of course Maja Designs paper.
Hope you will like it.

See you soon again I hope.
Hugs Malin

onsdag 22 november 2017

Always on my mind...

Hello scrappy friends!
So I made a simple card vith Gummiapans paper and stamps. I really love this feather and this one you can buy i 3 sizes. So This time I made a sympathy card with it , maby to someone that lost a loved one...


måndag 20 november 2017

Simple christmas card.

Hello there!
It has been CRAZY here lately but finaly I´m able to show you a card I made this weekend when I was at a scrapbook meeting in Grästorp.
On this card I have been using one of Magnolias ols snowmen stamps, it´s one of my favorite I must say and I use it quite often. ;)
I also finally bought Gummiapans god jul and christmas tree die. I really really like it! Well I love many of there stamps and dies...giggle as I´m addicted to it!! ;)...giggle...
Well it is a pretty simple card I have made, most time i alsi dekorate the inside of my card but not on this one. I just think it is good as is.

I have also made my self a personal stamp, and I really really like it, it was perfect on this card.
Hope yoy enjoed it.

Hugs Malin

tisdag 3 oktober 2017

A male birthday card. who now me now that I love Maja design. ;)
I was at a scrapbook meeting this weekend, unfortunatelly I had to go home earliy beacuse of a tooth that hurts and headake....not nice.
But in the time I was there I made a card with maja designs new collection Denim and friends and when I got home I saw that this was the moadboard for this month! Nice! If you go to Maja Designs blog you can find it all there about the moadboard!
So today I will show you a card that is maskuline but also femenin with the flowers. I hope you will like it!

It`s really fun trying to make a male card for once and I LOVE the colors in this collection also!
Hugs Malin

söndag 27 augusti 2017

Layout on my brothers son.

Hi there!
A little while ago I made a layout on my brothers son.
They took so sweet photos of him at a photostudio called StudioThoren and I just had to make something with it. And you, who follow me, now that LO isn´t really something I´m that good at BUT as I have said before I just have to practice and practice. And I actually really liked this one I made and I hope you will like it to.It´s pretty simple but I think that is ok. I actually used left over papers from Maja Design on this one!

 I really likes to do this "flat" lo´s so that I can have them in my albums without them taking to much space as it would if it had a lot of flowers and so on on it. So I think that this is the lo´s I will make from now on so that I can put them in my project life albums to!
Hugs MAlin

torsdag 17 augusti 2017

Hi there!!

Soo... I took some time off from scrapbooking this summer to think about what I really wanted with my scrapbooking and so on.
I have felt the past....6 monh,  at least , that it wasn´t that fun anymore and I had to figure out why since I do LOVE to scrapbook. I love my scraproom and all the fun stuff in it but still I didn´t felt like I wanted to really do something. It was sad....

So I took some time of this year from my dt comitment over the summer, and in the summer I almost didn´t do anything in my scraproom. We went out with our caravan and in the caravan I had put some coloring stuff with me, just in case. ;)

I didn´t toutch it much on our first trip more then with my brothers daughter who I tought how to diecut and also stamped a little bit with the stamps I bought just for her earlier. But that was about it, didn´t still felt like I really  wanted to DO something.
Back home I didn´t do anything more than just look at it.

Then we went on our second trip with the caravan, just me and my hubby and in the evenings I started a little bit to color some stamps, diecut some small things with my left over papers and so on and felt, it IS fun and I want to do this! It was fun when I knew I could do just about what I wanted in that moment, when I could use what ever stuff  I wanted on my project without any rules and didn´t have to think about what I was alowed to use or not.

When you are no longer inspired or have fun as a DT, you really should quit, and so I did. I have been there for 4 years and I have had A LOT of fun and I see my dt "moms" as really good friends of mine! And I hope that we still will be friends for a long time and I hope that their buisiness will continue to grow!

I have 3 weeks left on my comitment at Idas Magasin and I hope that you will follow me my last three weeks there and I hope that you all will continu to visit Idas Magasins blog and store because they are really nice and cute people. :) <3 And I hope that this will explain to all of you who have asked me why I quit.
I really hope to maby have another dt mission in the future if someone will have me but time will tell. Right now I´m just happy as it is. <3

SO, now for some funnier stuff. I have a bunch of stuff that I haven´t have time to show you on my blog so maby I will update a little bit more. Who knows? ;)

I would like to show you today a weddingcard I made some time ago but I haven´t have time to show you and I hope you will like it. Weddingcards are really nice to do I think.
More love for the people! <3 <3 <3

Se you soon.
Hugs Malin

måndag 26 juni 2017

Maja Design Happy birthday card

Hi there!
So finally I have made some cards and as you know I just LOVE Maja designs paper so for this post I will show you a birthday card I made with the summertime collection. I just LOVE tha papers and the colours in it!! Really I wouldn´t need any other paper in my stash...giggle....
So this is the birthday card then...

I hope you will like it!
Also look at the new collection that is relesed today!!

Hugs Malin

torsdag 4 maj 2017

Dubbelt trifold shutter card tutorial ( svenska )

Idag tänkte jag visa en liten tutorial på hur man gör ett dubbelt trifold shutter card. Det ser avancerat ut men det är mycket mycket lättare än vad man tror!
Jag har här använt mig av en fiskars skärmaskin som räknar både inch och cm och ni kan hitta den HÄR och en Marta Stewarts scoring board som räknar inch och som är jättebra till sånna här projekt! Ni kan hitta den HÄR.

Du behöver 2 st cardstock som är 12x12 inch.
Man börjar med att skära till cardstock i bitarna: 2 st som är 12x6 inch, 2 st som är 8x6 inch och 2 st som är 4x6 inch.

Ta de långa bitarna 12x6 och lägg i din scoringboard och biga vid 2,4,8 och 10.
Gör detta på båda bitarna.

Ta 8x6 bitarna och biga vid 2 och 6 inch. Lägg sedan dessa åt sidan sålänge.

 Ta de båda bitarna som är 12x6 och lägg den vid  1 3/4 inch , sen skär du vid 2 inch ( första bigningen ) ner till sista bigningen på ditt ark. Vrid sen arket 180 grader och gör likadant på andra sidan så att du har skurit på båda sidorna så att säga. se bilderna under.

Sedan viker du papperet på det här viset:

Mitten delen "plockar du upp" och viker åt motsatt håll.

Då ska din bit nu se ut så här.
Här har du nu gjort ett vanligt trifold shutter card.
Här kan man nu stanna och dekorera kortet om man vill MEN vi ska göra ett dubbelt kort så därav gör vi 2 st likadana sånna här bitar.

När du gjort båda bitarna färdiga så har du 2 exakt likadana bitar som bild nr 1. Här tar du nu den vänstra biten och vänder på så att du får ändarna mot varandra, som på bild nr. 2.

Nu tar du de 2 andra bitarna som du la undan som vi bigade i början och viker de på detta sättet.

Ta de 2 minsta bitarna 4x6, de ska du nu klistra ihop de stora bitarna med så att allt sitter ihop.
Se bilderna under.

Skarvarna möts på baksidan.

Nu ska du kunna vika ihop kortet på detta viset.

Nu tar vi den sista delen som ska sättas fast ute i varje ände på kortet, den bit som är 8x6 och som vi bigade och vek innan.
Dessa klistrar du fast som på bilderna under, en på varje sida.

Nu är kortet monterat och du ska kunna vika ihop det såhär.

Vänd på kortet så ser det ut som på bilden under.
Den sista biten 4x6 sätter du fast på baksidan för att dölja skarven.

Nu är ditt kort klart och det ska se ut på det här viset när du viker upp det. Perfekt om man vill sätta foton i osv.

Nu är det bara att dekorera kortet efter tycke och smak!

Ha det gott!
Kram Malin