fredag 1 december 2017

Happy December!

WOW it is already DECEMBER!!
Only 24 days untill christmas eve here in Sweden.
Today my partner is on a "Julbord"  ( chirstmas table with our work sort of speaking ) with our work. I didn´t wanted to go because 1. I don´t think they  have good food ( I don´t eat a lot of christmas food really ;) ) and 2. it has been SO boring the last couple of years so I really don´t feel like going. My partner works on another shift than I do, I work nights and my hubby works days. ;)

BUT instead I thought I should show you another christmas card I made. SO mutch more fun! ;)
I have been using an old Hänglar and stänglar stamp on this one and my own christmas stamps that I made. And of course Maja Designs paper.
Hope you will like it.

See you soon again I hope.
Hugs Malin

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Sol sa...

Nyyyydelig! Fantastisk Fargelegging! Herlige farger!! Å et av de mest Nydelige stempelet fra hAnglAr!