torsdag 6 augusti 2015

A little box again.

Well, it was SO much fun making theese hexagonal boxes ( is that what you call six sided boxes?? ) so I just HAD to make another one. I actually got this ordered from a woman who wanted to give one to her daughter on her birthday so it is a birthday box to a young woman.
I make theese boxex from scratch so it takes some time to make them but when you have made them and can start to decorate it, it is SO mutch fun I think..giggle...
I used theese new GOREGOUS paper from Maja Design "summer crush" I´m SO SO in love with theese paper and I love that it so good quality of this paper!!
Hope you will like it!

See you soon ladies! ( and men if there are any! )
Hugs Malin

One little layout...

Yes I don´t do them verry often BUT a little while ago I made one of my daughter so I thought I should show it to you. I hope you will like it even if LO´s isn´t my strongest side...giggle.. ( or how to say that in english ;).. )
I actually made it as a dt project for Idas Magasin when I got this paper in my dt box, thought it would be perfect for LO making!

See you soon!!
Hugs Malin

tisdag 4 augusti 2015

For a little girl...

Hi there!
Today I will show you a card I have made for a little girl. I love the colorcombo on this card I must say.
I made it as a dt project for Idas Magasin and I hope you vill like it to!
I just LOVE this old magnollia stamp of the little girl.

Hope to see you soon!
Hugs Malin