torsdag 17 augusti 2017

Hi there!!

Soo... I took some time off from scrapbooking this summer to think about what I really wanted with my scrapbooking and so on.
I have felt the past....6 monh,  at least , that it wasn´t that fun anymore and I had to figure out why since I do LOVE to scrapbook. I love my scraproom and all the fun stuff in it but still I didn´t felt like I wanted to really do something. It was sad....

So I took some time of this year from my dt comitment over the summer, and in the summer I almost didn´t do anything in my scraproom. We went out with our caravan and in the caravan I had put some coloring stuff with me, just in case. ;)

I didn´t toutch it much on our first trip more then with my brothers daughter who I tought how to diecut and also stamped a little bit with the stamps I bought just for her earlier. But that was about it, didn´t still felt like I really  wanted to DO something.
Back home I didn´t do anything more than just look at it.

Then we went on our second trip with the caravan, just me and my hubby and in the evenings I started a little bit to color some stamps, diecut some small things with my left over papers and so on and felt, it IS fun and I want to do this! It was fun when I knew I could do just about what I wanted in that moment, when I could use what ever stuff  I wanted on my project without any rules and didn´t have to think about what I was alowed to use or not.

When you are no longer inspired or have fun as a DT, you really should quit, and so I did. I have been there for 4 years and I have had A LOT of fun and I see my dt "moms" as really good friends of mine! And I hope that we still will be friends for a long time and I hope that their buisiness will continue to grow!

I have 3 weeks left on my comitment at Idas Magasin and I hope that you will follow me my last three weeks there and I hope that you all will continu to visit Idas Magasins blog and store because they are really nice and cute people. :) <3 And I hope that this will explain to all of you who have asked me why I quit.
I really hope to maby have another dt mission in the future if someone will have me but time will tell. Right now I´m just happy as it is. <3

SO, now for some funnier stuff. I have a bunch of stuff that I haven´t have time to show you on my blog so maby I will update a little bit more. Who knows? ;)

I would like to show you today a weddingcard I made some time ago but I haven´t have time to show you and I hope you will like it. Weddingcards are really nice to do I think.
More love for the people! <3 <3 <3

Se you soon.
Hugs Malin

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