fredag 27 maj 2011

Hello there!

I actually have a couple of things to show you I just haven´t got the time to blog lately.I work as mutch as I can right now since I really need the money. It´s not allways easy to be alone with 2 kids and a little house I have to say....Even though this house doesn´t cost more than an apartment to live in I go on my knees right know.You who have kids also now that they cost and they grow ( a lot ! ) and need new clothes...giggle... I will work overtime 20 hours this weekend. So today there is work for me between 13-21 and on sunday between 06-18.So tomorow is my only day of this week and then I think I need to sleep and just take it easy so I wont sleep at work on sunday.

Well today I will start to show you an Lo I made for Kristinas.We have had a challange for the Dt Team to make an Lo after a sketch from one of our readers and this is the sketch:

And this is what I came up with:
If you would like to read more about it and see who sent us this sketch please visit Kristinas scrapbooking.

I also would like to thank you all for the lovely and cute comments you all have left me.It makes me so happy!And thanks to all of you that have become my followers I hope I will have the time to update the blog a little bit more in the future.Thanks a lot girls!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs Malin

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Pink Lady68 sa...

En nydelig LO, Malin!!
Vakre farger, flott pyntet og et nydelig bilde!!

Ønsker deg og dine en fin helg!
KLem Laila.