torsdag 10 mars 2011

A birthday card

I made a birthday card for my moms husband.
He wanted a card that he could send to his mom in Germany.
She will be 87 years old.
He wanted a card that was i little bit more flat so it should be easy to send and don´t break on the way to Germany.He also wrote me a message on germany that I wrote in the card..giggle..maby it is good that I didn´t had time to take photos since my handwriting is not that good...giggle...
I will edmit that I wasn´t really finish today with it but when my mom went by she thougt that it really was ok for them to send. I had thought that I would work on it when I got back from the dentist but I guess she didn´t wanted to wait..giggle...
I was just on my way to the dentist so I just took a quick picture on it...and here it is then.
Thanks for stoping by!!
Hugs MAlin

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martina's kaartjes sa...

what a great card ! this is very pretty,
greetings, martina