måndag 28 maj 2018


Hi all!
Yesterday we had mothersday in sweden SO in the last minute I made a card for my mom before we went there. It has just been so very nice weather here in sweden, It´s the warmest they have ever recorded since they started to mesure..or what ever you say...giggle. But the weather is like what we use to have in the middle of the summer when we have the best time of summer, and it is 2 months early ,kind of.....May use to be sunny and fine but NOT this warm. So it is nice! And as you can understand you don´t want to be inside then. ;) We are happy when the sun comes and it´s warm outside for once...giggle.... summer often rains away and MABY when we finally have our summerholiday we will already be in autumn?? ;)..giggle.. so need to catch the sun when I can...giggle...
Well, that was about that, now I will show you my fast little simply card I made for mom.
Hope you will like it.

Hugs Malin

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