torsdag 24 mars 2016

CAS card with Skaparkällar´n!

Hi there!!
Last weekend we had a scrapbook meting in Skultorp,Skövde, it was an event that me and my 2 friends arranged and it was 50 people on the event. It was SO mutch fun!!
If you want to se pictures from it you can find it HERE.

I have to say that it has been so much to take care of when it comes to the event so I haven´t been crafting for several weeks now and I also lost desire of create a little bit, BUT i thought I would try to get it back so I made this litte cas card with one of the stamps I bought from Skaparkällar´n that was at the event with there store. It is also a Swedish woman that makes this WOUNDERFUL stamps, I just fall in love with them!!
You can find them on facebook HERE.

I also used Idas Magasin birthday stamp, I think it goes well with everything, I love it!
You can fins Idas Magasin HERE.

I love that we have a couple of swedeish designers and they all are so talented it there work with stamps and papers!
I hope you vill like the card even if it is very simple.

Hugs Malin.

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