onsdag 9 december 2015

Christmas card with Maja Design

Hi there!
I made a christmas card with Maja Designs new christmas collection, my god what I love this papers!!
LOVE the colors that this paper are in! And I love this paper with pictures to cut out BECAUSE if you don´t like to color, if you dont´t have time to color OR if you just don´t think you are good on coloring THIS papers are SO nice to work with and make christmas cards and project of.
SO you are able to do chistmascards with pictures even if you don´t like coloring stamps!
Here is my card and I hope you will enjoy it.

Hugs Malin

2 kommentarer:

Anjuli Johnson sa...

Beautiful! I love the gold and inked edges. They add such a perfect touch!

Malin E sa...

Thank you Anjuli!
Hugs MAlin