fredag 10 juli 2015

A box with Maja Design Papers!

A couple of days ago I had some friends over for some craft time together, it is so much fun and joy  to meet and spend time together with people that have the same interest.
I have found some really good friends thrue scrapbooking and it really warms my heart when we have become such good friends true this hobby.

When I had two of them at my place a couple of days ago we had a really god time chattering and laughing, and when we sat in the kitchen, playing with all the gorgeus papers, stamps, paint and pensils  and so on it just rang on the doorbell.

Outside there was a postman, wanted to deliver a package to me. I had to think for a bit but I couldn´t remember that I had ordered something? But I sign and got the package and when I opened it it was the whole, latest collection from Maja Design!! I almost died of love I have to tell you! They where gorgeous and it was such a nice surprise! I want to send a BIG BIG THANK YOU to this lovely ladies at Maja Design, it was so kind and I´m out of words!
On their website you can find lots and lots of gorgeus creations with their papers, just click on the logo!

I also want to show you a little box I made with this new lovely collection.
I just love this one with the old cars and gorgeus colours and I just couldn´t stop my hands from playing with it!
I hope you will like it to!

Is´n it GORGEUS!!!
See you soon!
Hugs Malin

3 kommentarer:

Sanne sa...

Helt underbar!!! <3 <3 Finns tutorial?

Amy Voorthuis sa...

Amazing box with the new papers.....loved to read your story did you order it??? Hugs amy

Malin E sa...

Tack snälla ni!!
Sanne - nej tyvärr ingen tutorial.
Amy - No I did not order the papers, I got it as a surprise. <3