söndag 15 mars 2015

Easter decorations, stydy and a scrapbook meeting!

Hi there!
About 6 week ago a start study since I don´t have a high school education. I don´t feel like I want to spend the rest of my life working in a factory, I would like to do something that I like, that makes me want to go to work every day just because I love it and it´s fun. Today I don´t think my work is fun and I have anxiaty every sunday night when it´s time for work again. I only have my saturdays free and I don´t like it at all. But it is only me who can do something about it so I thought, well I have to start from the begining and stydy so I will get a degree and finally have a bigger chance to find another job when I´m done. Maby I won´t find another job but at least I will know that I tryed! I stydy from home so it is a  little bit harder but I hope I will make it.

Now I finally have my weekends of and then I try to do things I love, like scrapbooking. ;)
So today I will show you som easter decorations. I hope you like them.
I made them as a Dt project for Kristinas Scrapbooking.

Last weekens I and 3 friends also had a vera big Pocket Scrap meeting that we have planed for about 6 months. It was so much fun!! We hade 60 women that came and scrapbooking with us and we had a lot of very kind sponsors that made us able to give them a nice goodibag, prices in our contest ans do on. We are so grateful for it!
I will get som pictures up on our blog from the day and even if it is in swedish it will be fun for you to look at. This is the only pictures I made so far but it will get up more soon.
 This was in our goodiebags for all the participants.
...and of course I had to buy some stuff from the two stores that we had om the event, Idas Magasin ans Vilda Stamps.
have a great day!
Hugs Malin

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