måndag 20 oktober 2014

Project Life

Today I will show you a page that I made for my project life album.
I actually like more to do " happenings" in my album, rader than do this every week pages. Maby it´s becaus I just think the days just look the same in the week and are, you know "boring" so it´s funnier to do this happenings if we do something fun on the weekend, have a walk and take a lot of nice pictures and so on. ;)
This is from my daughters " lusse-volleyboll" in school. Every year, the last year in shool the kids in 9th grade ( I don´t know if it is the same in "your" country about the grades but.... ) just dress up and play volleyball.
( Lussa = visit sby with Lucia and her attendants on 13th December )
They did not play well...giggle...but the won for best dress up!
Hope you like it.
I made it as a dt project for Idas Magasin also.
Hugs Malin

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