söndag 28 september 2014

A christmas box.

Hi there!
It was a very very long time ago since I was here, this past year I haven´t been on the blog that much as you have noticed.
This past year has been a hard year I think but I thought I might try to catch up here a little bit.
I notice my self that people doesn´t write in their blogs as often as they did before and many of the blogs I have in my link list is more than 1-2 year since it´s updated.Maby I will take them away later.
Maby people have their pics att fb nowdays? Instagram? Pinterest? Well I don´t know or then people just lost the fun of it.
Maby we are to lazy to show them how much we appreciate their blogs and pics? I know I can be very lazy with put comment at their blogs so I´m not better my self. I will try to change that,becaus I know how much it inspire me when someone just say a little hello and so on.
Maby it´s the begining of the end for all the nice blogs? Maby we will put everything on FB instead?
Well I don´t know and the time will show. ;)

Today I will show you a little christmas box I made this week, it will be a christmas gift for someone at christmas of course, just have to find a nice present to put in it...giggle...
I also made it as a DT project for Kristinas Scrapbooking, love the store and have been working for her for over 3 years now! Time flies!

I hope you like it!
Hugs Malin

3 kommentarer:

Carla Burger sa...

Hi Malin. This is really gorgeous. Love it! xxx Carla.

Pinklady 68 sa...

I like it a lot:-) Lekre ark, dekor og layout!!

KLem Laila.

Francy sa...

Wow this Christmas box is gorgeous and the paper are fantastic.
Sweet stamp coloured very well.