tisdag 6 maj 2014

Projekt life

Hi there!
I so so SO want to do this project life stuff because I think it is so nice to see the album that scrapfriends do and so on. So...I try this out BUT I must say it is NOT easy!!
I want my pages to look as good as my friends but it is so hard to make them!...giggle...Think I have to do a lot of practise on this BUT I think it s so nice to have later on in life to look back on, don´t you think??
I have started on a year album from week to week, but I think I also have to learn this with take good pictures for my album, BUT I also started an album with just traveling photos and that is what I will show you today.
I didn´t travel for many many years because I didn´t have the money to do it. Then in 2012 my best friend invited me on a tripp to Mallorca.She really is the best!!
This is my first page in my new travel album:
I almost don´t have anything to decorate with  but I guess there will be more as time go.
This is our first day at Mallorca!
Hope you liked it.
Hugs Malin

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