fredag 27 december 2013

Happy Birthday

Hello dear scrapfriends!
I hope you all had a wounderful christmas and that the santa brought you a lot of fun and nice presents!
I don´t think that I EVER have been so nice as this year and I got a LOT of nice presents. I´m verry verry happy! <3 br="">
Well, today I want to show you a birthday card I made for my moms husband who turned 60 december 8th.
I have actually used christmas paper from pion design on this card but I didn´t wanted it to be a "christmas card", I think it turned out very well! He likes to be in the garden, he loves yellow AND he has 2 turtles. ;)
What do you think?? ;)

I hope you liked it, he was very happy to get it.
Hugs Malin

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