söndag 11 augusti 2013

I suprised myself!

Yes I did!
Because today I will show you a LAYOUT!!! Me, doing a layout??!!! Yes it´s true! giggle....I decided to TRY to do more of theese. But I will also try to make them a little bit thinner because when making them this thick I won´t get many  in on one album....How do YOU store your layouts?? And do you use to make them flat och with a lot of flowers and so on, on them??
Well here it is!

Most of the stuff is from Idas Magasin store.
Hope you liked it!
I will practise more and do more of theese layouts!
Actually I think I will show you anotherone next week! ;)
Hugs Malin

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Susy sa...

Så otroligt vacker layout!