måndag 8 april 2013

" Today I am strong "

Hello dear scrapfriends!
It is so much going on in my life right now, good things, BUT I get a little bit less time for my blogs, as you can se. ;)

I will move in together with my hubby, he also lives in a house with his 2 boys, so now 2 houses have to be one....guess how much we have to do!? Just all the things we have to get trough, everything we have double and everything we have to decide - to keep or not to keep?...giggle. It really takes time!

We also decided to move in to his house since it is a little bit bigger than mine and since we now are 6 people who will to live together we simply have to choose the best house.Later on, we want to buy a new house but for now we do like this.

BUT this is not what I should talk about today I want to show you a card I made for Kristinas Scrapbooking.
I really love the new stamps that has arrived and today I did not do a happy birthday card, no today I will show you a " Today I am strong " card!
I hope you like it.Sometimes you really have to shear up your friends a little bit when they have a ruff time!
Hugs Malin

3 kommentarer:

♥ Days of our lives ♥ sa...

Oj så vackert kort. Vilka härliga färger. Lycka till med flytten. :-)

Pysselbus sa...

Ohh ytterligare ett helt fantastiskt vackert kort! Massor av fina detaljer och du är en fena på distressfärgläggning!Ser fram emot att se dina alster i Copics utmaningar framöver ;-)


Pysselbus sa...

Hejhej igen! :-D

Jag såg din kommentar på Copicsbloggen om vilket papper man använder för att skriva ut färgkartan. Du kan använda vilket papper du vill men du får bäst färgåtergivning om du använder samma papper som du färglägger på.