onsdag 8 augusti 2012

Hello Dear Friends!!

As you have noticed there has been quiet on the blog for a couple of weeks, I just had my summer holiday and this year I took a break from all my crafting to! It really has been lovely to not have anything planed or " have to do" things on the holiday.Just took the day as it came.
I also been a week in "Blekinge" here in sweden, that is the only week we had really really good weather.First 2 weeks almost rain away, week 3 was LOVELY and the last week, was a little bit of everything...giggle...

Here is a couple of pictures from our trip to "Blekinge" we visit a lovely place called " Kristianopel"

...then we also visit " Kalmar" and the lovely castle, unfortunatelly we never was inside the castle beacause we could not afford it, but we took a lot of photos outside and next time in Kalmar I want to go INSIDE the castle to, I just LOVE old castles and ruins and so on. ;o)

We also visit "Karlskrona" but we had so little time there and was just in the city for some shopping and I also meet a friend I learned to know by internet...
It was really nice to do this tripp and get away from home. ;o)
We borrow a" house" from a friend of my friend so it did not cost us anything and that was the thing that made us afford this tripp!
We just had a outhouse as our toilett and shower we did at the camping at Kristianopel.But we got jused to it. ;o)...giggle....
We had a really nice time!
Later I will show you a card I made today.
Hugs Malin

2 kommentarer:

Jill sa...

For noen herlige ferie bilder. ser virkelig ut som dere har kost dere :)
Takk for at du deler med oss og velkommen tilbake til bloggverdenen igjen!
Klemmer fra Jill

Pernilla ~Pillan~ sa...

Vilka härliga bilder! Perfekt att srappa till hösten ;-)Bilden mitt ute på havet var ju ljuvlig.