fredag 20 januari 2012

Sad and happy happenings....

There has been a sad and tuff week here.
On wednesday morning 10:30 a friend at work passed away.
He had a knee operation before christmas that got terrible complications and on wednesday after a big brain bleeding he passed away.
It was unreal!
My brother was together with his daughter 2 years ago, and I work with him sometimes and he always got to work with this big smile and his backpack om his shoulder.
He only got 49 years old and it is so sad!
BUT the day after this I got this email and was asked to join a Dt team for Pysseldags and it really really lighten up my day! It has been so many sad things here lately so this was a really nice thing to be asked for and of course I sad yes.

Sorry to get so personal, I usually don´t get to personal on this blogg but I just wanted to tell you both the sad thing and the good thing.
I needed that , the good thing I mean and I really looking forward to join the team!


Take care of each other and tell all your loved ones that you love them!
Hugs Malin

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Susy sa...

Oj vad tungt. Tänker på dig!
Stort grattis till DT uppdraget för Pysseldags, du är super duktig!
Och stort grattis även till Pysseldags som får dig som DT!