söndag 27 november 2011

Happy birthday card...and more.

Hello there!
Long time no see, or how do you say?
It has been a long time since I wrote here.
My grandfather died 9th october and I really haven´t feelt like do some scrapbooking, crochetteing or anything.Some I had to do because of my job with Kristinas but it really has been hard when my heart hasn´t been there.

This week we had the funural for grandpa, I was really close to him and my grandmother so I have spend a lot of time with my grandma this last 2½ week that has passed by so everything at home has come second place since I spend so much time at her place.I don´t want her to be alone and I want to be there for her as they have always been there for me.
So, thats why I haven´t been here.

BUT today I will show you a card I made to my grandma, her sisters birthday is in december so she wanted to send her a card and this is it:
Her sisters name is Anny and she turnes 80 years old.

Here is also some other stuff I have made and I made it with stuff from Kristinas scrapbooking so please make her a visit and look in the blog for Kristinas to!
Have a nice sunday!
Hugs Malin

4 kommentarer:

Susy sa...

Så otroligt mycket fint!


Maia sa...

Very nice cards Malin!
Sometimes you must make time too cherish and help your family.
My condolances with your grandfather it is a great lost for you and it' s nice that you can spend more time with your grandmother, she needs you during this difficult time.
I wish you all the best , take it easy!
sweet greetings and a big hug xxx

Knerten sa...

Så leitt å høre om din bestefars bortgang, Malin, det er forståelig at du ikke prioriterer scrapping i en slik tid.
Desto hyggeligere å se det nydelige kortet du har laget til din bestemors søster - det ble veldig flott ! Nydelige papirer, motiv og pynt:-)
Flotte julekort og pakkelapp også, du er flink, og det er så hyggelig å se hva du lager !
Ønsker deg en fin adventstid:-)

Chris_P sa...

Superfina kort!!!