onsdag 27 juli 2011

Hello there!!

My modem stop to work so I have been out since saturday! I almost PANIC...giggle...
You know you have to pay all your bills by internet, I work for Kristinas scrapboking and so on.Also my phone and tv stoped to work since that is on the modem to!! GAH!! Guess how fun it is to be ALL alone a staurday evening, it´s raining outside and you have No phone NO tv and NO internet!!??..giggle...well it was not fun I can tell you and I think I have looked at at least 10 movies...giggle...

Early in the morning I will take my kids on a little holliday trip together with my mum and her husband so this is just a quick little entry.

I made a card for Kristinas again, a friend ordered a little weddingcard ....
Jump over to Kristinas and look at the entire card!
I will show you another time here at my blog, now I have to finish at home before we leave.
FINALLY we have got GOOD weather here and a lot of SUN!!
Hugs Malin

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