söndag 16 januari 2011

First LO in... a couple of years!

Yesterday I made my first Lo in...I think almost 3 years! Oh it was so fun!
I will really try to make more Lo´s.
This one is on my daughter.
The text says: Beautiful, like a sunshine.
Of course I need to practice but the most importand thing was that it was so fun!! And I really would like to have albums with lots of beautiful lo´s to look at when I´m getting older! ;o)
I also did it in colours I really don´t usually use but I thought it was good colours to the photo so it was pretty easy to scrap in this colours anyway I think.

Thanks for stoping by!!
Hugs Malin

2 kommentarer:

Cattis sa...

Mycket fin!! Och sköna färger! =)

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings sa...

what a sweet layout