lördag 2 oktober 2010

Happy birthday dear grandmother!

Last night I made a birthdaycard for my grandmother who is turned 80 years old know!
Me, my father and my siblings bought her a nice present and then I had to made a card for her to.
So I use hÄnglar and stÄnglars little girl with a basket full of yarn.My grandmother loves to crochet and knit and so on so this was a perfect stamp for her.I hope she will like it.She is the one who tought me everything I can about knit and crochet, I guess I had my interest in this from her. :o)

Thanks for stoping by!!
Hugs Malin

3 kommentarer:

CraftyC sa...

Gorgeous card Main, beautifully coloured and lovely embellishments

Knerten sa...

Så nydelig, Malin. Fargeleggingen din er så flott her :-)

Jojjo sa...

Här fanns ju massor med fina saker :)
Tycker du dekorerar dina kort väldigt tjusigt. Älskar mycket blommor och blad!