lördag 9 oktober 2021

Long time no see!

Long time no see!!!
I´m back...giggle....
It was a really long time since I updated my own blog and from now on I will try to change that.

So what has happened since last time??
Well, both of my design Team membership that I had abroad was ended because of covid 19. Sad of course but I do understand the companys with all that was happening so they just had dt members from theis own countrys at the time.

In June I ended my Dt membership for Vilda stamps because it was not motivating for me anymore. I had all the stamps that I did like and since there was not any new ones in progress at the time I just felt that I would no longer do it justice. But I did love to work for Vilda stamps ,and all the companies I have been with in the last couple of years , it has been wounderful. I hope you will see new dt´s at vildas and get new inspiration from them!
And who knows, maby I will find a new dt call to apply to in the future! It would be fun ofcourse!
But it has also been a good time for me taking some time of, like a vacation that I haven´t had in many years...giggle....

So now I acctually thougt I should put up some of the works I have been doing for them in my blog also and I hope you will enjoy it and find some inspiration from them.
Hopefully you will also get to see new work from me here, it will be fun to have some time working with all my stuff I bought in the past years...giggle...

So let´s start with the fist card.
A little horse card with happy birtday hugs.
The stamp is from Vilda stamp and I really like it.
Text is my own from Malins Stämplar.

See you next time!
Hugs Malin

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