fredag 3 maj 2019


Hello hello!!
Today I would like to show you a minialbum I made from a little boattrip me and my partner did last summer. We have a steamboat in my town that is called "Trafik " and even if I live here I have never booked a tour with it. It only goes out a few times in the summer and most of the times it is a little trip to Visingsö, a small iland in Vättern. Vättern is the name of the lake. Once it also take a trip to Vadstena and maby we will take that trip this year? The trip to Visingsö takes about 2 hours and then you can wander about in the harbour and look at the old ruin and so on. You can also take the ferry over to Gränna if you want to, we didn´t do that but I think the trip over takes only about 20 minutes or so. So it was a nice little day trip!

I hope you will like the album! I used laserowe loves paper for this one bev´cause I think they were perfect for my project!

Have a nice day!