onsdag 23 februari 2011

Christmas card week 7

Yes I made a christmascard last week and today I will show it to you.
This is a verry simple one in blue colours as you can se.Put some silverglitter on it, love that. ;o)
A magnolia santa coloured with distress ink.
With this card I´m also joining craft us crazy this week.
Thanks for stoping by!
Hugs Malin

söndag 20 februari 2011

Wedding card

Finally I got time to do somethingelse than just christmas cards...giggle... ( But I have a christmas card for you to but I have to take picture of it first ;o)...)
This time I made a weddingcard.I think it turned out ok in the end.
I have used a Magnolia stamp that I think is so cute and the pattern papper are from inkido.I really like this dotted pappers!
Some glitter, some lace, flowers and so on.
Colour with distress ink as usual.
This time I´m also joining Magnolia Down under challange , Magnolia stamp lovers challange blog and Magnolia and hänglar and stänglar blog challange.
I hope you have I wounderful sunday!
Thanks for stoping by!!
Hugs Malin

söndag 13 februari 2011

Another christmas card, week 6

Hello there!
Today I will show you my christmas card for week 6.
A little bit old fasion I think and I like it.
I have been using papers from BoBunny this time, stamp from Magnolia and Inkido.
Also Martha Stewart punch, I just love that punch!
Some flowers and glitter and so on.
Hope you like it!
Thanks for stoping by!
Hugs Malin

söndag 6 februari 2011

Gett well Tea card!

Hi there!
Today there will be something else than a christmascard.
For 2 weeks we have been sick here me and my son.
My son also sliped on the wet floor on saturday at the poolhouse and half his front tooth went out end also get verry loose.
So he had to went to the E.R, he is swollen and it hurts a little  bit.Today the dentist had to look at the tooth and now we hope that it will heal and then he will need to get the torn tooth fixed. PUH! is all I can say...
 My poor little son!!

Well,that was a little bit on the side NOW i thougt I should show you a new card I made today!
This is a little Gett Well Tea Card.
And I also made a little tutorial on it.
I have only used som left over pappers that I had for this one, perfekt for this little card when you have some pappers over from other works!
You can also click on the picture to get them larger.
Cut a cardstock in 15cm x 30,5 cm
Take some small paper pieces and cut them 6cm x 14,5 cm.
The small ones you fold in the middle, as the picture show.
In the middle of the two sides I used my retro flower punch to get this little round peaces that you cut away.
Sorry for my explanation, hard to to it in English ;o)
At least you should get it as in the picture.
I put it together like this on the picture.I GLUE it together otherwise it wont last when the teabags is in the pockets.
A perfect card for four little tea bags to a friend!
I have not decorated this inside but here you can write a little comment to your friend or something if you would like that.
I decorated my card on the outside with some leftover pappers.
The best part is that you can stand this card up so it easy stands on the table or whatever. And because of the fold lines the card stand by it self almost!Perfect I think. ;o)
Why I did this card in this size is because it fits in a regular C6 envelope ( approx.16x11,5cm).
And I also decorated it with flat flowers and so on so it fit the envelope since there also are som tea bags in it.
Uppdate! 2/2-12 :
This is another card I made but I made the tea pocktes a little bit different.You can do it as you want but I liked this one a little bit more I must say. ;o)

 Hope you liked it!
Thanks for stoping by!
Hugs Malin

fredag 4 februari 2011

Christmas card week 5

Finnally I´m on it again and no longer behind!
This is my christmas card for week 5, it´s for the challange at AOS where we will make one christmas card a week for the entire year.I´m still in!
But I must say I think I maby maby will get tired of doing all this christmascard..giggle...
When I get home from the dentist later on I will sit down and paint some new stamps.And the next card will NOT be a christmas card.I need to do somethingelse in between...giggle...Lets see what it may  be...
If you would like to know more about the cards just ask!
Thanks for stoping by!
Hugs Malin

torsdag 3 februari 2011

Blue and brown christmas card

This is the chrismascard for week 4.
I´m also joining a cc att AOS and this challange was to NOT use flowers, bling and some sort of glitter.
I also NEEDED to use cardstock, pattern paper, some sort of sewing and buttons.
For me it was really hard actually since I always use what I know wasn´t alowed to use.I don´t have so many other things to decorate with but this is my try and I think it turned out ok.
I´m also joining Sketchy colors challange this week.The challange was to use white, blue and brown.
Thanks for stopping by!!
Hugs Malin