söndag 29 december 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hello there!
Today I will show you a little New Years gift I made.
A very nice little present to give away if you are invited to someone at New Years eve.
I hope you will like it....

It was really fun making this little gift set!
I hope you like it.

I join Scrappin All Over this week.
ALSO joining
Wild Orchid Challange ( I used a baby blue rose on my box )

Hugs Malin

lördag 28 december 2013

Christmas card

Yes I am a little late to show you my card but there was no time before christmas to put them up for you.Some of you might have seen them on fb or at the store I´m working for BUT better late then never! ;)
This is a card I made for Idas Magasin, and I just LOVE the old Magnolia stamp with the " Lucia marching " or how you now say it...giggle... ;)
I hope you like it!
Hugs Malin

fredag 27 december 2013

Happy Birthday

Hello dear scrapfriends!
I hope you all had a wounderful christmas and that the santa brought you a lot of fun and nice presents!
I don´t think that I EVER have been so nice as this year and I got a LOT of nice presents. I´m verry verry happy! <3 br="">
Well, today I want to show you a birthday card I made for my moms husband who turned 60 december 8th.
I have actually used christmas paper from pion design on this card but I didn´t wanted it to be a "christmas card", I think it turned out very well! He likes to be in the garden, he loves yellow AND he has 2 turtles. ;)
What do you think?? ;)

I hope you liked it, he was very happy to get it.
Hugs Malin

söndag 8 december 2013

Merry Christmas with a butterfly!

Hello there!
Last weekend I was at a scrapbookmeting in the city nearby, it was SO fun!
They had a challange for us, to do a christmas card with a butterfly!
And this is what I came up with:

A also made it as my dt project for Kristinas Scrapbooking store and most of the stuff comes from the store.I must say I LOVE this frantage embossing pouder!! Love love love!! gorgeous I think...giggle...
Hope you like the card.
Hugs Malin

tisdag 19 november 2013

Oh dear.....

I really am a bad blogger nowdays.....
There is so mutch going on in my life at the moment i wish the days had 48 hours!
I have been doing some papercraft lately of course so I think I will show you most of it in this post, ok?

This weekend me and my love is going to London, just the two of us and I really looking forward to it.I have been there once but Peder never has. Should be really nice! Just to be Malin for once, just to do what we want to do and not be parents...giggle.... ;)

Well, London wasn´t what I should talk about it was the papercraft, right? ;)
So this is what I have been up to:

This notepad holder I made as a dt project for Kristinas scrapbooking.I just LOVE to make it, it was a fun thing to do and I will defenetly do more of this.Perfect to give away and so on I think!

I also recently made this calender for christmas, I have give  it to my daughter who loved it. It took a LONG time to make this one but still it was a fun project to.Don´t know if I will make one more do...giggle...
It was also a dt project for Kristinas scraobooking, if you would know tha stuff I jused for this it´s just to visit Kristinas scraobooking blog.

Of course I also made som cards! That´s my thing you know...giggle...
I made this cute litte card with a Magnolia stamp Edwin and I love the color on the card, white, blue and grey! Also a dt project for Kristinas scrapbooking.

 A card for my sisters daughter who turned 18 in october.

And a little christmas card....

Some of the cards for Idas Magasin, it is almost only chrstmas card at this time. ;)
You can visit Idas Magasin blog to if you just follow the link.

 Also a little boys card! :)
I think this is what I have been up to with tha papercraft lately.
I will try not to be such a bad blogger anymore.... ;)
Hope you liked it anyway.
Hugs Malin

onsdag 23 oktober 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello dear friends!
I have SO little time at the moment for this blog and for my scrapbooking.I have take this month of from my dt missions.Because I sold my house and we only have this month to move out and clean the intire house.I have 3 floors at my house so it´s a lot to clean and move out. 1th november the new owner will take over the house so I really have my hands full.
BUT I have a card that I haven´t show on the blog that I made for Kristinas Scrapbooking a while ago, I hope you like it.
It´s time for christmas! ;)

I hope you like it!
Hugs Malin

söndag 13 oktober 2013

Hello there!
Today I will show you 2 very simple cards I made for Kristinas Scrapbooking a while ago.I really like this simple cards I must say!
The fist one is with a die from Magnolia and thesecond one with a stamp from Saturated canary.Love them both!
Hope you will like them.
Hugs Malin

onsdag 9 oktober 2013

My kids cute little cousin!

Hello there!
Oh my oh my, time flyes by!!
I sold my house!!! And the new owner will have it allready 1/11-13!!!
I´m so thankful that I got it sold, I just LOVE my new life!!

Well today I will show you a little LO with little Moa, my brothers daughter.
She is just adorable!!!
All the material is to find at Kristinas Scrapbooking! I just LOVE the cute paper on this one!And Magnolias butterfly, good it is so cute!
I hope you like it.

Hope to see you soon!
Hugs Malin

måndag 16 september 2013


Yes! Today I have a spooky candy bag for you! ;)
It was SO fun to make!The material is from Idag Magasin. I think I soon will have to force my teenagers to dress up and knock on the door just to get them this fun candy bags...giggle... ;)
My daughter was a witch in school for the classfoto they make in 9th grade ( or how you say it...giggle... ) When they go their last class in upper level lower secondary school, they all dress up for the class foto. ;-)
Hugs Malin

söndag 15 september 2013

I don´t want to let go of the summer!!!!

So, I try to hold on for just a little more time....
Today I have a card for you, that is like summer.....I don´t know how to say it in english...giggle....
But you have the summer felling when you look at it, at least I have. ;)
I made it with stuff from Kristinas Scrapbooking.
I have a few more cards to show you I hope I will have time to put them on the blogg this week.
I´m selling my house and there is a house viewing this week, it´s a lot to do I must say so we have our hands full to get the house ready!
I hope I will get it sold so we can move all my stuff to my boyfriends house as soon as possible. Cross your fingers for us!
Hugs Malin

söndag 25 augusti 2013

A gift bag

Hello friends!
Today it´s sunday AGAIN.
I´m not really into sundays since this is the day I start my week of work. Every sunday evening at 23:06 my shift is on and then I work like this for 5 nights. I work from 23:06 to 05:54. I like work nights BUT I don´t like my work. ;)

The good thing about sundays is that it s my turn to blog for Kristinas Scrapbooking and today I have a little giftbag for you.

I hope you like it.
I usually don´t like orange BUT when I scrap I found out that I think I like the color...giggle...
Have a nice sunday!
Hugs Malin

tisdag 20 augusti 2013

Christmas card

Hello there!
Last week I join a challange at Facebook, unfortunatelly I did not win...giggle.
BUT i thought I might show you my card anyway and I hope that you will like it.
I used an old Magnolia stamp on this christmas card, i like the stamp very mutch actually!
The challenge for the card was: Mostly red color and have 2 tags on it.

I really like Magnolias christmas tree dies that I have been using on this card.
Have a great day!
Hugs Malin